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Finding a Will After a Death

I KNOW an elderly mum in her 80’s who recently sat down with her eldest son and went through all her financial and legal paperwork. This included the location of her will.

Sadly, though, death can arrive at unexpected and inconvenient times, and trying to find the will of a loved one can prove frustrating, to say the least. First, search the house. If that draws a blank, try their bank or solicitor or a local will writer. It could even have been lodged at the Principal Probate Registry in London. If so, there should be a certificate amongst the deceased’s possessions.

If you do find the will, take copies without removing staples or other fastenings. Under no circumstances write on it or attach anything to it. If you only find a copy, the Probate Registry will need proof that the original will was not destroyed or revoked before the deceased’s death, which, of course, may be tricky.

If you can’t find a will, it is possible that one may not actually exist. In this case, the rules of intestacy apply. This is a subject we will cover later.

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