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What Happens at the Probate Registry?

By Heritage Will Writing / 16th July 2018

Thank goodness you don’t have to stand in an open court with your left hand on a bible and answer to a scary judge wearing a black robe and a wig. A few weeks after posting the probate forms, you will be called to the registry for an interview. You will be asked to swear…

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What are Probate Forms?

By Heritage Will Writing / 18th June 2018

I’m afraid there is no escaping the laborious task of form filling if you are tasked with sorting out the money and possessions of someone who has died. Applying for probate – the legal authority to dispose of a dead person’s estate – is done by completing form PA1, which can be downloaded from…

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How to Cancel a Passport

By Heritage Will Writing / 11th June 2018

Aren’t the simplest ideas the best? There is no need to download a clever app or even activate an in-built self-destruct device. If you are sorting out the affairs of someone who has died and need to cancel their passport, simply cut off the top right-hand corner. This is an internationally recognised method of signalling…

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The Difference Between Great Advice and the Other Kind

What’s the Difference Between Great Advice and the Other Kind?

By Adam Johnson / 2nd June 2018

Whilst we at Heritage Will Writing work in the field of Wills and Estate Planning – and this post applies directly to our profession (and to you, if you’re looking to write or update your Will) – it applies, equally, to every trade or profession I’ve ever come across. The fact is, whatever area you’re looking…

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Right Money, Right People, Right Time Seminar

5 Great Reasons to Attend Our FREE Wills and Estate Planning Seminar

By Adam Johnson / 1st June 2018

Right Money, Right People, Right Time is our FREE Wills and Estate Planning seminar. We chose that name because we’re passionate about making sure that the right money goes to the right people at the right time in your family. One of the challenges we have is that most people – and you may be…

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In what order are debts paid after you Die?

By Heritage Will Writing / 24th May 2018

What happens if you are sorting out the financial affairs of someone who has died and you suddenly realise there is not enough money to pay all the debts? First of all, don’t panic. As the executor or administrator, you cannot be held liable. The Government has laid down rules to cover this, similar to…

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Does a Mortgage Die with You?

By Heritage Will Writing / 21st May 2018

Mortgage may literally mean death pledge, in a medieval concoction of Latin and Old French, but it doesn’t go away when you die. Some lenders are happy to suspend repayments while personal representatives wait for the grant of probate. But be aware that some companies do insist on receiving their monthly instalments regardless of the…

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One Bill that doesn’t have to be Paid following Death

By Heritage Will Writing / 1st May 2018

Dying certainly costs a lot of money but there is a glimmer of good news. Council tax ceases to be due from the date of death. It’s also not charged on empty homes until six months after probate is granted. So it’s important to notify the local authority as soon as possible, especially if there…

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Why is My Jewellery not Worth What it’s Worth?

By Heritage Will Writing / 26th March 2018

How much your jewellery is worth depends on who’s asking. For insurance purposes, the value is the replacement cost. But that price is not used for the purposes of probate. Searching the market place for an identical item or paying to have it re-made will cost considerably more than the price the buyer would pay.…

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What Happens to a Dead Person’s Car?

By Heritage Will Writing / 14th March 2018

Something that may catch many people out is the need to re-tax a car that you inherit when, say, a parent has died. Most of us know that we would need insurance. But some may not be aware that the DVLA changed its rules when vehicle tax discs were abolished in 2014. Tax used to…

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