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What Happens to a Dead Person’s Car?

By Heritage Will Writing / 14th March 2018

Something that may catch many people out is the need to re-tax a car that you inherit when, say, a parent has died. Most of us know that we would need insurance. But some may not be aware that the DVLA changed its rules when vehicle tax discs were abolished in 2014. Tax used to…

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Why You may have to Pay Rent after Your Death

By Heritage Will Writing / 27th February 2018

It may appear a tad unfair but you can still be charged rent on your home after you have died. There may be a requirement for a month’s notice, for example, in the contract. Who pays that? Well, you do. Or at least it comes out of your estate. If you are an executor or…

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What Happens to the Shares of SME Bosses After They Die?

By Adam Johnson / 5th July 2017

SMALL businesses run the risk of major upheaval if one of the owners dies without carefully planning what would happen to their shares. A survey by financial services giant Legal & General discovered that 51% of Britain’s small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) bosses have not left any instructions in their wills or made other special…

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How to Register a Death

By Adam Johnson / 28th June 2017

THE register office in the town in which the death occurred must be notified within five days unless the coroner is involved. This, of course, may not be the deceased’s own town. It is the registrar who issues the death certificate not a doctor, who only issues a medical certificate. You will need the medical…

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Why You Need Financial Advice When Writing Your Will

By Adam Johnson / 15th June 2017

IT IS not just land-owning aristocrats and pop stars that have to pay inheritance tax (IHT) nowadays. A tenth of all estates will be subject to IHT by 2019, according to the independent Office for Budget Responsibility. That means the figure will have doubled since 2013. Tax is payable at 40 percent of all your…

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The Perils of Will Writing for Blended Families

By Adam Johnson / 8th June 2017

MORE than half a million families in the UK include children from previous relationships. That’s 11% of the total. And this can lead to complications when it comes to estate planning. The last thing you want is conflict within your blended, or step family following your death. But if it’s not handled properly and thoughtfully,…

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By Adam Johnson / 4th January 2017

It’s been a grim year for everybody but the Grim Reaper. As we bid farewell to 2016, we ask why it’s been such a bumper year for celebrity deaths… “Why are so many celebrities dying in 2016?” asked the Daily Mirror, whilst people on Twitter expressed that their tolerance was subsiding, “Enough, 2016!” Other users of the…

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Benevolent or Barking Requests

By Adam Johnson / 21st December 2016

Famously, in Shakespeare’s will, he left his ‘second-best bed’ to his wife Anne and here at Heritage Will Writing we can help you set down your legacy too. Take inspiration from the quirkiest instructions ever left in wills – one thing they all prove is that writing a will doesn’t have to be deadly serious.…

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Be a Star and Write Your Will

By Adam Johnson / 5th December 2016

RECENT cases of celebrities dying without making a will or having their wills contested in court are just the tip of the iceberg. You may have read our previous blogs about Oxo mum Lynda Bellingham, pop star Prince and TV funny man Rik Mayall. But these are only the cases that made the newspapers. A…

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Old Heads on Young Shoulders

By Adam Johnson / 28th November 2016

Thinking about Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPAs) is not just something older people need to do – everyone should write one, says Adam Johnson of Heritage Will Writing. Let’s be honest, writing a will and an LPA isn’t top of anyone’s to do list – it isn’t even at the bottom. But it’s important, not…

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