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What Happens If I Don’t Have a Will?

If somebody dies without making a will or without a will in place, they are said to have died intestate. If this happens, the law sets out who should manage the deceased’s affairs, who should inherit their property, personal possessions and money and how the estate will be shared.

When somebody dies without leaving a will, dealing with their estate can be complicated and it can take a while to get things sorted out, especially for complex cases. As a guide, please see below our Intestacy Flowchart which outlines the main decision points.

This outline is just an overview and we strongly advise clients to contact us as soon as possible to discuss individual cases.


What happens if someone dies without a will in place - A Guide to Key Decision Points

Intestacy Chart


If any of the people in this group pass away before you, leaving children of their own, the share that would have gone to their parent will be split amongst their children. Please note that children means all natural (including illegitimate) children and adopted children only, not step children. This summary does not cover the rules for half-blood relations although intestacy rules make provisions for them.

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The information provided here is intended to address the types of questions that people are often concerned about.

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