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Who Looks After Your Children if You Die?

WHO brings up your kids following your death is, like many things in life, a subject no one wants to contemplate – let alone talk about.

But what happens if you do nothing? If you and your spouse die unexpectedly, a court will decide who looks after your children. And that person may not be your first choice.

You can avoid this awful situation by appointment a guardian in your will. That person will then take parental responsibility. It should be noted that guardians can, and should, also independently nominate other guardians in their wills.

It probably goes without saying that it’s best to seek the consent of a proposed guardian. We don’t want any surprises, do we? And you would also want to leave a gift for your children in your will to help towards their education and upbringing.

Another good idea is a letter of wishes, which lays out specific details of how you want your children raised. It might concern after-school activities or their education or religion. But a letter of wishes is not legally binding.

It is comforting to know that, if you should die, someone you trust will love and care for your children. To appoint a guardian, contact Heritage Will Writing on 02380 879243.