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Who is Paying for Record High Nursing Home Fees?

PEOPLE who pay for their own nursing home care may be subsidising state-funded places, new figures show.

Average weekly rates for self-payers have now reached an eye-watering £1,000, according to a report by analyst LaingBuisson. In fact, ten per cent of the existing capacity costs £1,200 or more a week.

LaingBuisson called for the Competition and Markets Authority to examine whether the higher fees paid by self-payers are a cross subsidy.

Lower fees offered by councils mean that care homes have to raise prices for self-payers. The Conservative Party’s introduction of the National Living Wage, now set at £7.50 an hour for workers aged 25 or over, has put further upward pressure on prices charged. Sadly, a number of businesses have been forced to shut because they can’t cover their costs. And this means we are facing a national shortage of places.

Be aware that you will probably have to pay for residential care yourself if you have assets of more than £23,250. But also be aware that you won’t get away with deliberate deprivation of assets, such as suddenly giving all your money away.

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