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Who Will Look After My Pets When I Die?

If you want to make sure the right person looks after your pets when you pass away or you are worried about what will happen to your pets and you have no one suitable to provide a home for them, Heritage Will Writing can insert a clause in your will to ensure your wishes are carried out or to make use of the RSPCA’s “Home for Life” scheme to ensure that your pets have loving homes after you have gone.


At Heritage Will Writing, we can help you draft your will to leave your pets to the people you have identified as being able and willing to offer them a loving home. It is often customary to accompany the gift of your pets with a monetary gift in order to assist whoever is going to take them on for you. We can advise on how best to safeguard both your financial gift and your pet through appropriately drafted clauses in your will.


If you are worried about what will happen to your beloved pets after you pass away and do not have someone obviously identifiable who can take on your pets, you might be interested to know that Heritage Will Writing can write a will for you to safeguard their future with The RSPCA’s “Home for Life” service.

The RSPCA state: “With this service, you can rest assured that the RSPCA will be there for your loving animal companions who have given you so much, after you pass on."

Heritage Will Writing can add a clause in your will requesting that care of your pets is handed over to the RSPCA after your death. The reason we advise you to add the “Home for Life” clause to your will is to ensure your executors are fully aware of your wishes. Therefore, there is no confusion as to what should happen to your animals should you pass on before them.

The RSPCA say: “Knowing how much they mean to you, we’ll do our best to look after your beloved pets, and do everything we can to find them loving new homes. All the animals in our care are given a health check, and for most domestic animals, this includes vaccinations, neutering and microchipping as necessary.”

The RSPCA “Home for Life” scheme offers more than just a rehoming service for pets after the death of the owner: it offers peace of mind too.

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