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Useful Documents

In order to write your will, you need to consider many things:

  • What you want to happen to your possessions and wealth when you pass away?
  • Who do you want to make sure your wishes are carried out?
  • Who do you want to look after your children?
  • Who do you want to look after any funds left for your children or other people until such time as you want them to have the money?

To help you do this, we have included a number of useful documents that will help you prepare for a will appointment with Heritage Will Writing. For more information, see Writing Your Will or please get in touch.

Why Should I Make a Will?

Heritage Will Writing Documents IconMaking a will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death. If you have not made a valid will, your property will pass according to the rules of Intestacy. This may not be what you would have wished. In any event, it is likely to take longer to finalise than if you had made a valid will.

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Pre-Appointment Questions

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This article give guidance on the questions you need to think through before an appointment. These questions and more are outlined in this article:

Who should I appoint as my Executors, Trustees, Guardians ?

Do I have to list everything that I own in my estate?

Can I leave a gift to a charity?

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What Property is Yours to Give?

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When preparing to make your will, you first need to know what you own, what it’s worth and what you owe. It is important to understand the rules governing property ownership. The principle reason for knowing this is that you cannot leave property that you do not own.

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Duties of the Executor

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The initial duties of the Executor range from registering the death, arranging the funeral, applying for a Grant of Probate, arranging bank accounts, informing relevant organisations, arranging the valuation of the estate, drafting a schedule of debts through to completing Inland Venue and Probate Forms. This article outlines these and subsequent tasks.

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Gaining Probate

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This article gives a brief summary of the responsibilities and duties which an executor undertakes when applying for a Grant of Probate and the administration of the deceased’s estate.

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Appointing Guardians

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The appointment of guardians and the rights they have is governed by the Children Act 1989, s5. A guardian can only be appointed in accordance with that section. A parent with parental responsibility may appoint a guardian by will or by a document which he dates and signs and which provides that the appointment only takes effect on his death.

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Please Note

The information provided here is intended to address the types of questions that people are often concerned about.

To see an outline of what we do and how we deliver services for our clients, please visit the Our Services page. You will find information on the key aspects of creating your will including:

Personal Reviews, Will Writing, Estate Planning & Tax Management, Lasting Power of Attorney, Discretionary Trusts, Special Provisions & Assurance (disabled beneficiaries), Severance of Tenancy, Secure Document Storage.

If you have a specific question, want more detailed information or want your will professionally prepared, then please just get in touch.

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