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Discretionary Trusts

At Heritage Will Writing, we offer specialist advice in the establishment of discretionary trusts in order to ensure what is left to them does not face unnecessary tax, can continue to be administered without the appointment by the courts of a receiver and will not undermine their existing state benefits.


A Trust is an arrangement whereby persons (the Trustees) hold and administer property or money for the benefit of others (the Beneficiaries). The Trustees become the legal “owners” of the Trust property.


A Discretionary Trust is one in which the beneficiaries do not have the legal right to demand payment of Trust income or capital (unlike beneficiaries of other types of trusts). Payment is wholly within the discretion of the Trustees, as are the amounts and frequency of the payments. The Trustees’ powers are defined by the creator of the Trust in the Trust Instrument. When Heritage Will Writing drafts your will, it becomes the trust instrument.

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