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Are You Worried About .....

Writing your will?

Updating your will?

Losing your home if you go into Long Term Care?

Your Inheritance Tax liabilities?


Who will look after your children if you die?



What will happen to your pets if you die?


How your loved ones will cope, financially?

Or anything else relating to your Wills and Estate Planning?

Stressful, isn't it?

In fact, many of our clients found it quite overwhelming!


They were surprised (and pleased) to find out that ….


It doesn't have to be that way!

Which is why we created our increasingly popular seminar .....


At Heritage Will Writing we have one passion:

To help make sure that,

when it comes to your Will and your Estate,

the Right Money, goes to the Right People at the Right Time.

Heritage Will Writing - Asking about all the details

At our FREE seminar you'll find out;

How people, inadvertently, lose large chunks of their Estate, and the devastating effect that has on their family.

What can be done to stop these things happening to you and your family.

The impact that Inheritance Tax can have on your Estate when not planned for.

What can be done to reduce, or remove, your Inheritance Tax Liability and keep your money, in the family.

The implications of Long Term Care in the modern world and who it’s most likely to affect (here’s a clue: You!).

Some highly practical options to protect your home, preserving the value of your Estate for your family.

Why you need to stop procrastinating and get things in place, Right Now - Before it's too late!

By the end of our seminar, you’ll have gained a great deal of Clarity over what will affect you and what can be done about it.

What’s more, you’ll be ready to take Control of the situation …. removing the worry and that awful stressful feeling, once and for all.

Calm Down, Get Clear and Take Control ...

of your Will and your Estate Planning by attending our FREE Seminar…. Right Money, Right People, Right Time.


We hold our seminar most months of the year and, for your convenience, we run 3 sessions during the day: the first one at 10:00am, the second at 2:30pm and the final session for the day at 7:00pm. That way, one of them should provide you with a convenient option to join us.


Places are always limited, so, to find out where the next seminars are being held and to reserve your seat(s);


Call us on: 02380 879243, email us at: or