All meetings with HWW are free of charge and you will only be invoiced for the work done on completion of a satisfactory service. For most clients, a simple will should meet your needs. This means that the cost of writing a will is either £95 (for an individual) or £145 (for a couple).

If we recommend a more complex solution after discussing your needs, we will send you a written report detailing our recommendations and the reasons for the recommendations together with the total cost of the proposal before you proceed. At this point, you are welcome to opt for a simple structured will if you so wish, but we will always recommend wills that we think most suit your needs as part of our service to you.

Please see below our schedule of charges for a detailed explanation of our charging structure from: (VAT is not chargeable).

Service Per Person Per Couple
Single Wills £95 -
Mirror Wills - £145
Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare* £195 £295
Lasting Power of Attorney Property and Affairs* £195 £295
Lasting Power of Attorney package to include both types of LPA* £295 £545
General Power of Attorney £45 £75
Lasting Power of Attorney Checking Service £20 £20
Notice of Severance £95 £95
Will Trust - Property £195 £245
Asset Preservation Trust Free Free
Other Will Trust £195 £245
Discretionary Will Trust £195 £245
Disabled Persons Trust £195 £245
Document Storage p/a £5 £5
Probate Assistance and Estate Administration This is quoted based on the estate complexity

* Our costs exclude the registration fee for your Lasting Power of Attorney, which is payable directly to the Office of the Public Guardian. This fee is currently £82 per LPA application, but you may be eligible for either an exemption or remission of this fee depending on your circumstances.